CE Responsible project

CE Responsible


The CE Responsible Project aims to support socially responsible non-profit and for-profit enterprises and non-governmental organizations by building new collaborations. The main goal of the project supported by the Interreg Central Europe fund is sustainability, i.e. the development of forms and models of cooperation that can be operated for longer term in the coming years.

In the course of the support, for-profit enterprises receive continuous assistance in the development of socially responsible operations; at the same time, they gain new connections and knowledge, and can make progress in capacity building, thereby making their operation more stable. To this end, workshops, coaching services, B2B events, professional programs (e.g. conferences) are provided. Actors in the civil sector, especially social enterprises, can access practical business development knowledge, establish new contacts and find new customers, thereby significantly reducing their dependence on tender sources.

The project is based on the development of an online service interface that hosts 7 sample tools. The platform is available at: https://net4socialimpact.eu

The services provided by the platform:

  • Networking tool 
  • Interactive tool for getting new acquaintances: lunchsurfing
  • Community Awards
  • Patronage tool 
  • Voluntary tool 
  • Special priority tool: support for the disadvantaged
  • International scaling-up tool

Benefits of getting involved in the project for interested organizations:

  • Strengthening socially responsible operations among SMEs
  • Capacity building for social enterprises (material and non-material resources), reaching new target groups
  • Building international relations
  • Contribute to alleviating social and environmental problems
  • Reducing dependence on tenders and other state aids
  • Increasing the visibility of affiliated organizations (promotional support)
  • Expanding basic activities, reaching new target groups

CE Responsible is implemented under Slovenian leadership (E-Zavod, E-Institute Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions), with the participation of 11 project partners from 9 countries. The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry is participating as a partner in the project, co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian State, within the framework of the Interreg Central Europe Program.

Project data: