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Do you have a project idea or are you looking for a partner for an application? BCCI is constantly open for establishing new collaborations and facilitating innovative project ideas. Please take a look at our introduction and contact us.

Budapest Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) was founded in 1850. With its 100 people permanent staff BCCI is the largest chamber of commerce in Hungary, gathering small and medium size companies from the capital city. Although the core operation is connected to Budapest, due to our international projects, the activity covers the the whole Central European region.

The main role of the International Project Management Office of BCCI is supporting SMEs with the establishment of local market co-operations thus having a positive impact on growth and development of the entire economic sector, securing long-term turnover of the corporations, and ensuring the integrity of the market behaviour and economic activity for collective interests. As self-governed public body, BCCI is not performing economic activities on the market, the provided services to SMEs are free of charge.

BCCI has 4 departments:

  • Business Services, including Education and Vocational Training Division, Business Services Support Division
  • Handicraft, including Building Engineering Division, Electrical Industries Division, Automotive Division
  • Industrial, including Industry, Industrial Research, Planning, Services Division, Industry, Industrial Research, Planning, Services Division, Construction Service Division
  • Trade, including Trade, Commercial Services Division.

BCCI offers a wide array of services helping its stakeholders to better achieve their goals by taking advantage of cross border connections and collaborations enhanced by Interreg and Erasmus+ projects. We continuously carries out research activities in order to better understand the market, the opportunities and challenges of the Central European SMEs, to promote new partnerships and provide valuable inputs in advisory and project preparation processes. Committed to exploring project synergies, BCCI is actively building collaborations with other organizations in Central Europe.

We have organized a large number of national and international events in recent years on a wide range of topics:

  • B2B and matchmaking meetings
  • Mentoring events in business development
  • Establishment of cross-sectoral cooperations
  • IT infrastructure development
  • Conferences: education; social entrepreneurship
  • World Café programs
  • Competitions, hackathons
  • Vocational education and work-based learning programs: staff exchange, roadshow events
  • Soft skill trainings
  • Intellectual Property Rights workshops
  • Support of social enterprises: coaching, mentoring, matchmaking
  • Introduction of quality management systems: blended learning
  • Capacity building events.

Due to the successful implementation of international projects, BCCI involved more than 500 Hungarian small businesses in the support actions last year, while took part in reaching 4,500 companies in the Central European region through the project consortiums in the form of online and offline trainings, mentoring and coaching activities, conferences, business festivals, competitions, pilot programs, etc.

Among others BCCI prepares development proposals and policy recommendations for legislative bodies, employs VET experts for advising and controlling; records and involves examiners, inspectors; trains and performs examinations for the dual VET lecturers. BCCI gives professional advice to the educational institutions about VET practice, organizes professional competitions for students, as weel as performs the revision and accreditation of entrepreneurs who are newly involved to the educational vocation with initial inspection, and issues the permission of involvement to the VET programme.

As a pronounced representative of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) Steering Group Meetings, BCCI has an active role in Priority Area 8, which aims at supporting the competitiveness of enterprises in the Danube Region.

The International Project Management Office is responsible for the smooth implementation of international projects with a huge added value. Relevant skills and competences:

  • Ability to establish and maintain a broad network of relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Development of roadmaps, strategies
  • Elaboration of policy recommendation with a specialization in VET, work-based learning, social entrepreneurship, triple and quadruple helix cooperations
  • Research experience: desk and field research with a specialization in SME development, needs assessment, social entrepreneurship
  • Expertise in online curriculum developments: active knowledge of several authoring tools and learning management systems (LearnDash, Moodle)
  • Huge number of references in event organization and management
  • +10 years experience of international project management as lead partners, project partners or associated partners

Main references:

Learning by DoingTargeted capacity building of VET partnerships for the effective modernisation of VET systems in the Danube Region (lead partner)

Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2017-2019
Made in Danube: Transnational Cooperation to transform knowledge into marketable products and services for the Danubian sustainable society of tomorrow (partner) Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2017-2019
InnoHPC: High-performance Computing for Effective Innovation in the Danube Region (partner) Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2017-2019
Social(i)Makers: Growing a Transnational Smart Community of Social Innovators for the Inclusive Development of Central Europe (partner) Interreg Central Europe Program 2018-2020
KnowING IPR: Fostering Innovation through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management in the Danube Region (partner) Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2018-2020
See Me In: Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and INtegration (partner) Interreg Central Europe Program 2019-2021
CE Responsible: Altruistic Entrepreneur, CE Sustainable model to support social entrepreneurship (partner) Interreg Central Europe Program 2019-2021
GRCEssentials: Governance, Risk management and Compliance Essentials (partner) Erasmus+ 2019-2021
MELIA Observatory: Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

If you or your organization is open to a new cooperation, feel free to contact us, we welcome all initiatives.
BCCI International Project Management Office