SEEMEIN project



The SEE ME IN project (Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and INtegration) aims to support entrepreneurs from third countries in Central Europe. The project is selected for financing by the Interreg Central Europe fund in order to contribute to the scaling-up of immigrants’ businesses by fostering their social and economic integration.

Entrepreneurs from third countries usually face serious difficulties in maintaining and developing their company and in many cases operate in isolation from the wider economic environment. SEE ME IN not only promotes economic integration but also enhances wider social inclusion.

In the first phase, the project runs a needs assessment and research activities, focusing on the deep understanding of the current situation, knowledge and opportunities of the businesses involved. Building on these results, work began on the Intercultural Business Development Hub, which includes native business actors as well as those from third countries. In addition to basic business assistance (business planning, finance and legal advice), the Hub provides personalized training (coaching, mentoring), events (partner search) and services to strengthen specific business areas (e.g. online marketing, communication development). The Intercultural Business Development Hub is a primarily online service that will be available in the participating partner countries from autumn of 2020.

The next phase of the project is the implementation of business-to-business events (B2B matchmaking) and the extensive testing of the intercultural center, aiming to build relationships between the target group companies among them as well as with native companies.

SEE ME IN is implemented under the leadership in Italy (Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano), with the participation of 10 project partners and 5 countries via them. The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry is participating as a partner in the project co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian State within the framework of the Interreg Central Europe Programme.

Project data:
Lead partner: Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano (Italy)
Project total budget:  2 362 280 EUR
Implementation period: 2019-2022
Project official website: