Made in Danube project


Made in Danube

Transnational cooperation to transform knowledge into marketable products and services the Danubian sustainable society of tomorrow

The project started in 2017 aiming to develop a platform based on the cooperation of enterprises, research institutes, universities and public sector actors with the main goal to improve the marketability of micro and small enterprises operating in the Danube regions. On the virtual interface, individual actors were able to publish requests and offers, primarily with a focus on technology and business development. The new partnerships set up through the platform have launched cross-border pilot projects, mainly in the fields of sustainable agriculture, sustainable forest industry and bioenergy. One of the most significant milestones of the project was the development of a strategy for sustainable agriculture focusing on Central Europe, as well as the establishment of an international bioeconomy network.

During the implementation, the project helped organizations interested in sustainable economy with international partner meetings, knowledge transfer services, trainings (personal and e-learning), events (B2B meetings, international partner search, professional conferences, world café programs) and guidance. A total of 20 partnerships were established, involving more than 40 companies. The newly created partnerships were related to the three main pilot initiatives of the project: support for innovative farm management (center: Slovakia), establishment of a competence center in the wood sector (center: Croatia); development of biofuels (center: Serbia).

The project Danube was implemented under leadership in Germany (Steinbeis Innovation GmbH, Steinbeis Europe Center), with the joint work and involvement of a total of 14 project partners and 7 countries through them. The work was completed in 2019, significantly exceeding the target indicators.

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry participates as a partner in the project co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian State within the framework of the Danube Transnational Program.

Project data:
Lead partner: Steinbeis Innovation GmbH, Steinbeis Europe Center (Germany)
Project total budget:  1 901 275 EUR
Implementation period: 2017-2019
Project official website: