KnowING IPR project



KnowING IPR project aims at introducing advanced knowledge management technologies into the field of intellectual property rights. For this purpose, the partnership encourages cooperation based on technology transfer and IPR. Special attention is paid to the establishment/strengthening of cooperation between research institutes and SMEs – actors of different stages of innovation -, and to overcome shortcomings on the fields of IPR data and knowledge management.

In the initial phase of the project, the consortium detected IPR-challenges in the participating countries (Challenge Map), and based on the result of this an Action Plan was elaborated. Meanwhile, the development of a free access online platform (KnowING HUB) started, which supports its users in the management of IPR-issues. At the turn of 2020/21 pilots were organized with the involvement of research institutes, higher education institutions and SMEs in order to test the platform. At the moment, the partnership is working on the elaboration of policy recommendations taking the lessons learnt during the activities of the project into consideration.

The main output of KnowING IPR project is the application called KnowING HUB ( that – exploiting data of several patent databases – provides assistance for its users with patent reporting and development of IPR-based cooperation. Users not only benefit from the searchable database of the platform, but from the expert consultancy service provided by the KnowING partnership.

Benefits of participation for organizations

  • practical and tailored information regarding IPR protection;
  • participation at workshops held by accomplished foreign experts;
  • involvement into the KnowING HUB pilot activities;
  • opportunity for national and international networking.

The consortium

The KnowING IPR partnership consists of 17 members from 13 European countries, and is coordinated by the Slovenian lead partner Faculty of Information Studies, Novo Mesto. The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian State and implemented within the Interreg Danube Transnational Program with the participation of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a project partner.

Project data