GRC Essentials project

GRCEssentials project

GRC essentials

The GRC Essentials project, implemented in partnership with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry from the autumn of 2019, supports the introduction of a modern management system among small and medium-sized enterprises . The project is being implemented under the Erasmus + program with the participation of seven partners from five countries , led by PCX Computers & In formation Systems Ltd. in Cyprus .

As a result of the project, Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will receive free support for the introduction and development of a risk, governance and compliance model (GRC, Governance , Risk management, Compliance ). The revision of the GRC model, currently used mainly in large enterprise environments, to small business environments is one of the main project activities , followed by the implementation of pilot projects, and finally the standard development of implementation possibilities.

The first phase of the three main pillars of the consortium work (training plan, development of the learning platform, introduction of the GRC certification system) is currently under implementation. In the first phase, the first training guides for all areas (corporate governance, risk management, compliance) were prepared, as well as a detailed target group analysis to identify and better understand the needs. In the coming months , the partnership will work on the creation of an e- learning interface , as well as on the preparation of pilot events.

Benefits of joining the GRC Essentials project for interested companies:

  • The introduction nnovative internal process management system
  • Developed risk management methods implementation
  • Ensure transparent and traceable compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Construction of international relations

Our partnership welcomes all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as representatives of business support organizations interested in the project’s results, objectives and programs . The extent to which our project has attracted such interest , please contact us at

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